Silk Road Productions is a premier, Southern California-based event management and production team that has been recognized by the United States Congress, the State of California, the County of San Diego, and the City of San Diego for their events and for their service to enhancing and educating the communities in San Diego.

A full service event production firm, Silk Road Productions works with private entities, corporations, and nonprofits to make their events flow seamlessly, while ensuring event and organizational goals are achieved.

The Silk Road, a centuries-old trade route between Europe and Asia, serves as a rich symbol for Silk Road Productions founder. This ancient path served as a gateway between the East and West, not only for transporting valuable commodities such as spices and silk, but also for exchanging knowledge and ideas.   


The Silk Road reflects the combined European and Asian ancestry and identity of our founder, and also his interest in exploration and culture. Every project and event he is involved in exudes a cultural flair, whether visually by theme or stylistically through management and production.

Each event, whether for business or pleasure, is ultimately a journey and an expression of your identity. Begin your journey with Silk Road Productions for a seamless event.

Our team has coordinated, managed, and produced an incredibly diverse portfolio of events. We can and have done it all and we take pride in our experience. Click here to meet our team.

We are more than just event producers and planners, however, as we recognize your events have a purpose and a mission – and we work to ensure that you accomplish your objectives and reach your organizational and event specific goals.